Spanish partners

Centro del Profesorado (CEP) de Motril

The CEP is an official Teacher training Centre that belongs to the Andalusian lifelong training network. At present, the staff in this center consists of nine “asesores” (teachers who are temporarily reassigned as consultants/advisers and three administrative assistants. Our service area includes several districts on the Southern part of the provinces of Granada and we attend some 110 educational centers of all levels (except University) from infant Schools to High Secondary. We organize and deal with different types of training activities including seminars, online and on-site courses, meeting, conferences, etc.


IES Sayena

The IES Sayena is the only secondary school in the town of Castell de Ferro, on the Southern coast of Granada. There is a staff of 24 teachers, plus one administrative assistant and one caretaker who attend about 200 students of the Secondary Compulsory education (ESO).


IES Alonso Cano

The IES “Alonso Cano” is a secondary school in the town of Dúrcal, (Granada) At the moment, there are 54 teachers and 4 service and administrative staff. There are about 500 students whO belong to the grades of ESO (Compulsory Secondary 12-16 y.o.) Bachillerato (post-compulsory Secondary (16-18 y.o.) A Vocational Training Diploma on Computing and a Secondary Special Degree for Adults.