France partners

Rectorat de l’Académie de Poitiers

The governing authority for education of the Hessian partner region Nouvelle-Aquitaine is subdivided into the regions Poitiers, Bordeaux and Limoges. The regions consists of 12 departments with 5.8 inhabitants. The academy is responsible for 1937 general-knowledge schools, 4 schools for students with special needs, 2 universities and 3 polytechnic universities. The academy functions as a ministry of education and cultural affairs and is supported by 4 school boards.


Les Terres Rouges

The general-knowledge and grammar school LEGT André Theuriet is situated in Civray and has about 600 students. At the grammar school different kinds of classes with the focus on opening the cultural horizon are offered.


Lycée polyvalent Jean Hyppolite

The school has a general-knowledge and technological approach. There are about 980 students at the school.